I was a bad ass today!

The decision was to go shopping and using coupons…and the result?

I got all of this for $0.94 before taxes!  And $2.04 after taxes!

That’s right, I’m bad ass!  I’m learning how to coupon!  I’m doing pretty well if I might add.

The reason I did so well is a few things:

1) All the coupons I had, I found stuff on clearance so I could save the most possible money.

2) I had some double coupons on most items, because you can use a Target coupon and manufacturer coupon together on a single item.

3) I had 20 coupons for $1.50 off a product priced at $0.99.  And Target took the $1.50 off each.  So I made $10.20 off the coupons alone.

4) Always find the youngest cashier who looks like they just don’t five a f—.  They will take any coupon in the world.  I really did have a coupon for each thing I used, but I have a feeling if I didn’t, he would’ve punched it in manually anyway.  He just didn’t care.  And I loved it.

Target was always my favorite place in the world to shop.  Now I love it even more!  Clearance, double coupons and dumb cashiers = heaven!