I’m an addict.

Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve managed to fall victim to couponing.  I’ve done it.  I can’t stop.  I want more.  And more.  And more.  Now.  I want to go climb in the dumpster right now to find more coupons.  I have “liked” so many pages on Facebook, (some of my favorites: Raining Hot Coupons and The Krazy Coupon Lady) just to constantly get updates on new coupons, and to find where to go to get things free.  And/or seriously cheap.

And it’s not that we need the money and can’t afford our food, toiletries, or other stuff.  My husband makes more than enough of money for us to pay bills and shop and do whatever we want, whenever we want (thanks for all your hard work babe!  Love you!).  It’s just that I got stuff free.  Now I don’t ever want to have to pay for it again.  Why pay for it when you don’t have to?

People keep asking why.  Why do you want to do this?  Why do you care?  Why are you trying to save money, are you having money problems?  And the most important:  Why do you need all this stuff?!?!?!

NO!  No, no, NO!  And BECAUSE!

It’s not that I need it.  It’s that I just got it for FREE.  Yes, free.  You heard me bitch.  FREE.  I didn’t even pay $0.01 for it.  Nope.  Free.  Why on earth would you want to pay for something if you don’t have to?  Doesn’t everyone strive to make money everyday at work?  Why, to pay for things?  And what do they do, bitch and complain about having to make money and how pricey everything has gotten, and how much gas is…blah blah blah.

So let me ask you…if you could get stuff free, wouldn’t you want to as well?  Now do you think I’m so crazy?


So yes, out of these receipts, I got 21 Tylenol patches/creams total and 10 Right Guard deodorants.  I paid $3.71 for the first one.  And $6.86 for the second.  So I paid a total of $10.51 for 31 items.

I normally pay $4.49 a piece for the Right Guard deodorants, (it’s what my husband uses).  So this isn’t something that will go to waste.  Oh, and out of 10, 5 of them had free body washes on the back.  But for 10 I would pay around $44.90.  I got 10 for $10.51.  And I got 21 Tylenol products 100% free.  They were on sale at Walgreens for $5.00 a piece.  And I had 20 coupons for $5.00 off.  So 100% free.  FREE.  I know I keep saying that, but when I walked out of there the first time only paying $3.71 for 13 Tylenol products and 2 deodorant, I got a rush.

That’s when it hit me.  That’s when it happened.  I became an addict.

I’m addicted.  I’m done.  I’m set for life.  My high will be scoring free and cheap items.  Big hauls.  I want to do it.  And not because I feel like I want to hoard things.  I don’t want to have so many of one item I’ll never use it.  But when you’re getting things for free, why stop getting them?  When I get too much of something, I’ll donate it.  I’ll give it away.  I’ll find someone that needs it and can’t afford it, when I’m getting it for free.  Why should they have to pay for it, scrounge up money, stress out about something, when I could just give it to them for free?

I won’t over stock.  I won’t get things we won’t use, or things I can’t find a use for, or things I can’t find anyone to give them to.  Someone out there always needs something.  And what better way for people in need to get things than for free?  If I ever get a huge stockpile, I’m giving them to a charity that helps out children who don’t have anything.  And sending some to the troops.  Kids and troops mean a ton to me.  So that is definitely a goal worth working towards I think.  Now does anyone out there question why I’m doing it?  Does anyone out there want to know what the hell I’m going to do with all this stuff?  I bet you’re out there pulling for me now…

So, let me just say…SEND ME YOUR COUPONS!  🙂

Don’t throw them away, it’s like throwing your money right in the trash!  Ahhhh….if you throw away a $1.00 off coupon on something you buy normally, why not clip it and use it to pay $1.00 at the store?  That keeps one of your dollars right in your pocket.  Imagine if you had more than just the $1.00 off how much money you’d save.

Coupons.  Who knew.