It’s been a VERY long time!

Wow it’s been a seriously long time!  I just looked at my last post.  June 2012.  That was 9-10 months ago.  I am terrible.  Wow.  What a loser I am!

Things have definitely changed a lot since then!  Wow have they changed!  Life has gotten a lot – if you can believe this – CRAZIER!

I know that is the last word you were probably expecting.  Me, using the word crazy – really?!  Ha, it’s only my personal motto.  If we were like cartoons and had clouds floating above our heads with one word in it describing our personalities, mine cloud would definitely SHOUT “CRAZY!!!!!”

But that’s the fun part.  You never know what crazy you’re going to get!  Ha!  My poor hubby.  But he loves me so.  And thank God for him.  He truly is a blessing.  He’s a Godsend.  What a life that man has given us.  I thank God for him.  He’s an angel.  Love that man more than life.

Back to the story, things have changed so much.  We moved into a bigger house.


The new house!

Also, we got a much longer custody with the big kids than we had before.


The big kiddos in the snow 🙂

All of these things have happened to be way better life improvements!  Definitely amazing ones to say the least.  Also in there, we started a new school year, had Thanksgiving, Christmas during which time we were moving.  Yep, we tackled moving over the busiest time of the year.  That was fun.  But it was also a blessing to be in the new house and host, yes host, Thanksgiving in our new house for the first time ever, and have Christmas in the new house.  It was glorious.


Christmas in the new house.

It finally feels like this crazy life is starting to fall into place.  I mean, things are still crazy as hell all around, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, no would I?!  Crazy is my middle name, isn’t it?

As crazy as it is, I’d love to start posting more.  I will be on the computer more now, as I will be starting to go back to school to finish up my degree.  I have an AA in Liberal Arts, but I’m going back for a bachelor’s degree, finally!  That’s right, crazy is growing up!  Well, crazy is a grown up, but crazy is going to finally act like it!  (Well…maybe.)


It’s new coupon day!

Well, I think I’m sick.

Just in time for the big kids to be here all week all the time.  (I share custody with my ex, week-on/week-off.  On his weeks, theyr’e only here from when they get off the bus until about 6pm or so. Luckily, I got the good end of the deal.  I still see them everyday but 4 days a month.  That’s pretty damn good if you ask me.)

Anyway…it’s my week with them full time.  And I started getting sick last night.  All of a sudden, my nose became a faucet.  Out of nowhere. I didn’t feel sick until it hit me.  And then I felt miserable, immediately.  Then this morning, I woke up and my nose wasn’t running, but my throat was hurting bad.  Then as I started doing the laundry and reaching into the washer and dryer, my nose started pouring out snot.  Now, I’m back to my nose being completely stopped up and having a sore throat.

I think I’m sick from not sleeping at all for awhile.  Baby Girl is teething so bad.  And that means no sleep for her.  Or for me.  It’s been a miserable couple nights.  And then it turns into a miserable couple days…

I’m sick and exhausted.  Not my favorite pairing of two things.

On a lighter, better note, it’s Sunday.  That means it’s new coupon day.  Woo hoo!

On another bad note, my hubby’s stupid work has started opening on Sundays now.  It was the only day of the week they were actually closed.  Now, it’s open.  And as the general manager, Hubby has to be there 😦  I miss him.  A lot.  Sunday, which was my favorite day of the week, has actually turned into a day I hate.

Although sick and tired, and sad about missing Hubby, at least I get to see my three beautiful babies.  And my new coupons.  And my handsome Hubby when he gets home.  I’m looking forward to tonight.  Everyone pray the baby sleeps, so I can too.

Dare I say, glory hole?

As I sat down to think about what to write tonight, I hear, “Dare I say, glory hole?” come from the TV.  Needless to say, my husband is home.  And controlling the remote.

We are watching Gold Rush: Alaska.  Well, we aren’t.  But he is.

I never ever EVER get to watch my own TV shows!  I am a stay-at-home mom, yes.  So I know a lot of people out there think all I probably do is watch TV.  I should have taken a picture of my DVR to show you guys…it’s definitely not what goes on around here (although I really wish it was!).  I seriously have 4 hours of Grey’s Anatomy left to watch.  (And that’s a BIG deal!)  Plus, hours on end of Law and Order: SVU (5), CSI: NY (3), New Girl (3), Ellen (5) – just from the last set that I deleted that I never watched, a bunch of random TV shows I recorded, Beyond Scared Straight (5), and I could go on and on and on…

I do a LOT during the day.  I don’t normally sit down until after the kids are in bed, from the time we get up in the morning.  I get up, make lunches, get kids ready for school and off to school, have a baby all day, who sleeps for about 20-30 minutes at a time here and there; I clean all day.  I have a baby to clean up after, I have a huge ass gross, smell, disgusting English bulldog to clean up after – his groomer has actually told me, “Man, he sheds really bad for a short-haired dog, doesn’t he?”  No shit.  You should see my vacuum canister after just the living room – after ONE day.  It’s completely full.  In just one room.  He sheds awful.  So I have to vacuum, sweep and mop everyday.  Plus I do school work, and take care of three kids on a daily basis.

Back to what my complaint is…I want more time to sit on my big old fat ass and watch tv…I want a life where I do nothing.  Is that so much to ask?!  But when I do seem to be able to sit down and watch TV, the hubster is always home.  And guess what?  Me being the absolute perfect, awesome, best wife in the WORLD (nice, huh?) I let him watch what he wants, because he’s never home to do so, except late at night.  Even though I’m home all day, and have the opportunity to sit down and watch TV, I choose not to.  He can’t watch it because he’s never home.  And that’s not out of his mouth, it’s out of mine.  He really does work crazy hard, and seriously long hours, and mostly 6 days a week.  Then he comes home and cooks sometimes, because he’s really good at it and enjoys it.  Then he finally sits down after 9 – on a good night.  Seriously.  9pm for him to sit down at night – that’s a really good night.  So yes, being the best wife in the world, I let him take over the TV, even though it’s the first time I’ve sat down all day too (if I’ve even gotten the chance yet!).  Or when I do get to, he’s already in control of the remote…

So it’s always man shows.  Like Gold Rush: Alaska.  Or drag racing.  Or poker.  Or something manly.  I’m not all against man TV.  I like a lot of the shows we watch together.  But some of them like Ax Men, Gold Rush, poker, Moonshiners, random stupid stuff like that – I definitely can’t get on board with.  I love my husband dearly, but I don’t like his choice of TV shows much.

Just my random thought of the night…

Anyone else out there not a fan of whatever else their spouse watches?  Or is it just me?

You’re crazy…crazy about you…no just plain crazy!

“You’re CRAZY!”

I have to laugh.  My husband just yelled that (lovingly – don’t worry!) at me!  I said, “Crazy about you!”  He said, “no, just plain crazy!”

These statements came after I ran and jumped onto the bed, jumped on top of him and squeezed the hell out of him.  Then I started playfully humping his leg like a dog, laughing my ass off to the point I started snorting.  I had tears streaming out of my face.  The funniest thing is, he’s so modest and shy.  And me, well…if you’ve read my other posts, or you know me, I think you pretty much know I’m the exact opposite.  I’m so very not shy.  I will speak my mind; I will hump your leg if I get real excited about something.  That’s just what I do.  Actually, it’s what my best friend and I do…I know she’s out there reading this laughing her ass off right now.  She knows what humping the air or humping a leg is all about.  But she is a whole post for another day…I can’t wait to talk about her!  She is the other love of my life.

Back to the subject of this post…

My husband thinks I’m the weirdest person he knows.  I dance, frolic, and skip around the house a lot when he’s around.  I can’t help it.  Literally, he makes me just ooze happiness.  I’ve never in my life been around someone who makes me as happy as he does.  I can’t even describe it; except to say that he literally drives me crazy (but in a good way!).

I can have the absolute worst day of my life, and be in tears and just wanting to crawl into a ball in our huge comfy bed; but when he gets home from work, it slowly dissolves away.  I can honestly feel the anger and irateness and the helplessness just melt off me.  I feel like it’s so obvious that if you could actually see the feelings, you would see the red oozing out of me onto the floor behind me, just dripping, melting, going away.  Or you would see clouds of red puffing out of me, leaving, and you’d see me once again looking calm, at peace, and most of all, happy.

We got married incredibly quick.  We’ve known each other for years, but we were always just friends.  He said he loved me way before I even knew his name (although I think he’s full of shit and just trying to score some brownie points with me).  I always trusted him, felt safe around him, and felt I could confide in him.  I think we had an amazing bond from the moment we met.  It just never blossomed into anything because I was in a relationship at the time.  But I really felt connected to him in a strange way.  He was safe.  It made me safe.  He made me safe, even when we weren’t together and we were just friends.  He’s my safe house.  He’s my bomb shelter.  He’s my light house.  He’s my kicking post at times – poor guy married a crazy bitch.  But he’s my rock.  He’s my angel.  I really believe he was sent here to save me.  After him, my whole life turned around.  I went from being a train wreck of a person to being the ultimate mother and wife I can be.  He makes me want to strive to be a better person, to make everyone around me happy, to make the world better.  He makes me feel like I could rule the world.

Needless to say, after all he has done for me, for our family, for our life and future together, there is no way I could ever repay him.  He is my soul mate.  I try everyday to make him as happy as he makes me.  I tell him how much I love him all the time.  I thank God for putting him in my life everyday.

And what makes me the happiest:  I get to keep him.  Forever.  And that to me is bliss.  That’s my heaven.

Hubby, if you ever learn how to find my blog, I have something to tell you…

Baby, I love you.  Thank you.