Holy banana sauce!

Got my hair did today.

Just kidding.  I seriously don’t talk like that.  But I really did go get my hair done today.  And I’m in love with the color.  I get my hair highlighted blonde.  It had been since October since I had it done.  And my hair grows super fast.  So the brown was half way down my head.  And my hair was so long, it was about half way down my back.  A little lower than my bra strap.

Now it’s blonde (from the roots! – holy crap!) and it’s way short.  It’s just below my shoulders.  So now it looks so much healthier!  I blow dry and straighten it just about everyday, because I have absolutely disgusting natural hair.  I like nothing about it.  The color, texture, and kinky nastiness of it drives me nuts.  It’s really wavy, but not curly; but frizzy and not nice waves.  If I let it air dry, it’s bigger than a house and if I blow dry it without straightening it, it’s bigger than an afro.  I have gross disgusting hair.  But when I blow dry and straighten it, I can seriously mask the disgustingness of my head.  And make it look pretty.  Oh the wonders of hair technology!

My day started off not so good though.  I had two tired ass older kids.  Then I showered while the baby napped this morning.  When she woke up, I gave her a bath and got her dressed.  As soon as I was done and we started walking out of the room, she puked all over herself and her clothes.  And my arm.  And the floor.  And her diaper bag I had just freaking packed.  It was absolutely awful and disgusting.  And smelled horrible.  (GAG!)

Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to throw her back in the tub.  I had a hair appointment!  Thankfully it only got on her clothes and I was able to just change her and it got all the puke off her.  Then I got all the kids in the car and headed off to my mom’s house, dropped them off, and ….

… (                         ) …

Know what that is?!  Peace and quiet.

There was no noise.  No yelling.  No fighting.  No whining.  No “Mommy!”  No anything…

Peace and quiet.

Peace and quiet.

Holy banana sauce.

Peace and quiet.

(Until my hair appointment was done anyway.)



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