Fun Kid Stuff

Soooo….I’m really hoping and praying for a better day today!  So far, so good!  WOO HOO!!!!!!

Last night, I ended up doing something really cool with the big kids.  For Valentine’s Day, I got them a bunch of stuff from the dollar section of Target.  They had these cool bath fizz things in heart shapes.  So I got the kids 4 each.  They were different candy kinds that smelled.  Two were Nerds and Bubble Gum.  I can’t remember the other two.  So last night we used the Nerds ones.  They made the bath water fizz and turned it pink, and it smelled like strawberries!

And on top of that, I gave them glow sticks from the dollar section of Target.  Then we turned out the bathroom lights:

They had a ball!  They were in our tub in the master bathroom, so they had plenty of room!  I’d say they were in the bath for about an hour!  I finally had to make them get out when they started fighting…of course.  Sibling love.

Then this morning, I got woken up at 5:45am by the big kids running into our bedroom and asking me if I can get up and make them pancakes.  Really guys?!  5:45am?!  What in the world…definitely a trait they got from their father, because I’m NOT a morning person.  At all!

After I drag my big ol’ butt out of bed finally, I go downstairs and ask the kids if they want to help make pancakes.  Yes! Yes! Yes!  They LOVE to help me cook!  I even bought them their own little kitchen sets for when they do help.  Then I ask the best question of all:  Would you like to add sprinkles to your pancakes?  What kid would say no to that?!  Boy.  Of course.  No, I don’t want to.

Then as I start pulling out the sprinkles for Big Girl, Boy changes his mind.  He wants all the sprinkles in his.  So does Big Girl.  I give each of them their own bowls, utensils and let them pour the bisquick, milk and eggs…then the sprinkles.  Boy pours them into his.  Big Girl takes her time.  I wouldn’t expect anything else from them.  Then as Boy is mixing his, he gets some on his arm.  And freaks out.  Then it gets on his shirt, and it’s the end of the world.  Boy has OCD and getting dirty is a definite no-no for him.  I tell him it’ll be okay as I wipe him off.  I say, “See?  All better.”  After the meltdown and clean-up, a big smile is back on his face.

Needless to say, the kids have had a great night and morning…even though my week was so bad, things are starting to look up 🙂


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