Hello world!

Bare with me all, as I figure out this world of blogging…I have no clue what I’m doing.

Plus, I’ve had a horrible day; and I’m writing this at 12:14am while my husband snores away beside me.  And I just got my almost 6-month-old asleep.  Yes, just now.  Well, like 15 minutes ago.  But my day started out a little something like this…

all night long – fighting Baby Girl (5 1/2 months old) to go to, and stay, asleep as she pukes all over me, all over her floor and our bed like five times.

6:22am – Text from the ex-husband “Big Girl is sick and can’t go to school can you keep her or do I need to?” (we are divorced and share custody week-on/week-off) so of course I text back and say yes I’ll keep her.  (They come to me after school everyday anyway, even on his weeks, so she’d be here anyway later…plus I’m her mother!  Of course I want her when she’s sick!)

7:52am – Big Girl is dropped off by ex to me at my house.  He tells me she woke up at 3am and shit her pants while puking.  Fun times already.  Hmmm…maybe I should’ve said no… (lol)

9something am – First shitting episode.

11something am – Second shitting episode for Big Girl (oh, and she’s 6 by the way and needs help cleaning up herself when her ass explodes in the toilet, down her pants, or wherever she manages to be when it comes pouring out).

This whole time…baby is puking randomly.  Jealous yet?

12pm – I realize I have children’s pepto.  The stomach Gods must have just woken up.  Lucky bastards.

3pm – Boy (who’s 5 and diagnosed with bad OCD and anxiety) gets home from school.

3:05pm – Fighting Boy to sit down to do schoolwork.

3:15pm – Still fighting Boy to do homework, while Big Girl rubs it in his face that she’s been home watching movies and playing games with Mommy.  All the while, Baby Girl is in her highchair screaming.  Not fussing, just screaming.  She’s found her voice.  Makes for excellent background noise (can’t you just hear my sarcasm…)

4pm – Homework is finally done by Boy.  High five.  Baby Girl needs a nap.  Won’t take one.  So she cries and whines until I’m able to put her down again later.

5pm – Big Girl and Boy leave with father.  Big Girl screams “No!  I want to stay with Mommy!”  Hardest thing I’ve had to do is tell her it’s a Daddy day.  She doesn’t feel good.  She wants her momma.

5:05pm – Ex gets them both out the door.  Time for Baby Girl to nap.  Oh, and by the way, she takes 20 minute naps.  Just long enough for me to come out of her room and get started on something.  Then she wakes up.

7pm – Call the hubby.  “I’m busy, can’t talk, call you back.”  Click.

7:42pm – Hubby calls, he’s on his way home.  But in a bad mood.  He’s been sick too.  Man do I have the life this week.

8:30pm – Dinner’s done.  Woo hoo.  Steak and potatoes.  My hubby cooks a mean steak.

9pm – Hubby: “I’m going to bed, I still don’t feel well.”  I take Baby Girl to the bath to get the sweet potatoes off of her face from her dinner.

9:30pm – Baby Girl is in bed.  Yay!

10pm – Baby Girl is up.  Holy penis 😦

11pm – Baby Girl still up.  Hubby sleeping.  I’m irritated.

12 pm – Baby Girl is finally asleep.  I need to vent.  I find this blog.

I will probably be up all night now.  Playing with this blog.  Doing school work for my second degree.  Fighting Baby Girl to sleep while she pukes on me as my hubby snores me out of the house.

And that’s how this starts…


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. I am so sorry all the kids, including that big one, have been sick! Take good care of yourself, so you don’t get sick too. I love your blog already! Your sarcasm and sense of humor really come out in your writing.

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