Day Two…

And so it begins…

1:30am – Head to bed.

5:20am – Up with Baby Girl.  Come downstairs, make her a bottle.  Get her back to sleep.

5:35am – Back to bed.  Hubby is crazy coughing.  Won’t stop.  😦

6:11am – Text from the ex.  “Boy is sick today.”  I reply, “stomach?”  I get back a yes.  He’s been puking since 5am.

7am – I finally get out of bed, not being able to sleep between Baby Girl and Hubby’s coughs.

7:30am – Coffee.  Computer.  Quiet.  Wow.

7:33am – Started writing on here.  Expecting Boy to burst through the door at any minute.  Hoping puke isn’t bursting out of his mouth.  Or shit from his ass.  Please dear God, let it be an easier day.

I have a doctor’s appointment for myself today to get my crazy pill adjusted and get some pain meds for my back.  Now, not only do I get to take a cranky, puking baby, I also get to take a puking 5-year-old boy.  YAY ME!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Day Two…

  1. You are so freakin’ funny. I know it’s not funny to be you right now. Hang in there! Ask your mom to babysit the pukers, and if she does, stop and have yourself a coffee or something after your appointment.

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